Meet you at the Corner

by James H. Furr, Ph.D.


Like some of you, I’ve served in many roles and places over the years. When I think back, though, my limited memory tends to visit familiar stories and settings while other experiences seem to fade away. I recently walked into a group of people assembling for an event. A familiar face elicited fond feelings but initially I couldn’t remember which “world” he represented. If we’d not crossed paths that afternoon, I may never have reconnected with him but there he was, smiling broadly with an outstretched hand. After we visited, what was nearly lost became fresh again with a spirit of renewed gratitude for the past and anticipation of the future. Please consider the October ATCO gathering an offer from the Lord and the body of Christ in Houston to re-engage where God has worked in your life so you may embrace new insights, hope and support for the journey ahead.

The event promises to be informative and inspiring. The theme and format of the afternoon assume that we are called to discern God’s calling on our lives. Whether our current sense of direction is clear or cluttered, the time together should help us in at least two ways. First, we’ll hear stories of how God is transforming individuals, families, congregations, and communities around us. Reggie McNeal and Rick McKinley are national leaders in articulating and incarnating the missional church. We can become more aware to how God is moving among us. Second, we’ll have the encouragement of old and new friends to discern what God is saying about our own vocations. Our hearts can become more ready to follow God’s pathway for us.
What exciting possibilities for one afternoon! See you there.

Dr. Furr is President of the Houston Graduate School of Theology.