Let’s have this conversation again!

What corner have you been called to? Is God merely asking you to cross the street or are you looking at a whole new intersection? We asked these questions and more, and explored in relational storytelling at the 2010 At the Corner of conference gathering more about the living out of our faith.

Several storytellers talked about their journey, their discoveries, challenges, successes, and even “what’s next” thoughts. Something had stirred in them over time, bringing transformation to various intersections in their lives. Their stories brought tears, laughter, conviction, and inspiration to conference participants to pursue a life lived missionally toward bringing transformation to Greater Houston. Though the stories were different, underlying them all was the clear sense that we aren’t being called to the same old faith, full of “programs” and “10 steps to…”

Even the act of telling the stories brought new insight and hope that our corporate and individual faithwalks can indeed be categorically different from what we’ve lived in in the past.

Let’s have this conversation again! Join us for ATCO 2011 on October 14th and get a glimpse of new stories of faith and radical obedience that are happening just around the corner.

See a few glimpses of ATCO 2010: