Houston Stories at ATCO 2013

Here are the stories of Houston, shared at our At the Corner of Conference 2013.

Answering the questions What do you love about Houston?  And What are you doing, and what do you see happening, as you attempt to join God on mission in our city?:


James Furr, Houston Graduate School of Theology


David Hill, Restoration Community Church


Stephen Klineberg, The Kinder Institute, Rice University


Julie Waters, Free the Captives


Rick Brown, Christ Bridge Fellowship, City of Tomball


Annise Parker, Mayor city of Houston


Greg Matte, Houston’s First Baptist Church


Ruth Turley, The Kinder Institute, Rice University


Jim Herrington, Faithwalking


Harvey Clemons, Pleasant Hill Baptist Church


Ken Shuman, Wellsprings Church, Houston Graduate School of Theology


Ted Law, Access Church


Michael Palandro, The Vineyard Church, Houston


Rudy Rasmus, St. John’s Downtown


Chris Seay, Ecclesia, Houston


Walter August, Jr., The Church at Bethel’s Family


Mike Malkemes, Generation One


Ginger Smith, Mission Centers of Houston


Steve Capper, For Houston’s Kids


Bob Baldwin, neighbor business ministry


Lanecia Rouse, The Art Project of Houston


John Ogletree, First Metropolitan Church