A Field Guide for the Missional Congregation (an excerpt)

by Rick Rouse and Craig Van Gelder


What Is God Up To?—The Issue of Discernment

The world belongs to God. It is God’s creation. The church must seek to discern what the Spirit of God is doing in relation to the dynamic changes that are taking place within a particular context. These activities of the Spirit often present fresh opportunities for ministry to congregations. It is necessary to note that God is at work in the world beyond the church. Discerning this work of God is foundational for effective ministry because the church is called and sent to participate in God’s mission in the world. The responsibility of the church is to discern where and how this mission is unfolding.


What Does God Want to Do?—The Issue of Planning

God’s mission includes God’s desire to bring all of life into reconciled relationship. The church must seek to understand how this intent of God, as expressed in the gospel, can be worked out within its particular context. How can the church contribute to the ministry of reconciliation within the larger community it seeks to serve? This requires careful planning, and focuses on how the work of the Spirit is related to the redemptive activity of God in the world. For a church to be a steward of the good news of the gospel, it must engage in focused missional planning and consider how to participate in what God wants to do in their context.

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