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The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood. John 1:14 MSG

The Vision

Have you ever found yourself at an intersection wondering which way to go? Do you ever sense that your life or your faith are at an intersection, and because of that you don't want to simply hang out at the same corner just because it is familiar? Then we invite you to join us and learn together more about living your faith in ways that make an impact in your corner of the world!

ATCO 2016 Conference

Alan Roxburgh is a pastor, teacher, writer and consultant with more than 30 years experience in church leadership, consulting and seminary education. He has pastored congregations in a small town, the suburbs, the re-development of a downtown urban church and the planting of other congregations. Join Dr. Roxburgh for a missional conversation in October 13th.

When: Thursday, Oct 13.
Where: Ecclesia Houston, 1100 Elder St.
Cost: Free for evening session.
Registration Required: No.

Sessions ATCO 2015 – Dr. Alan Roxburgh

  You don’t change the culture by trying to change the culture. You change the culture by loving people where they are and how they are over a long period...

16th Mar

A Field Guide for the Missional Congregation (an excerpt)

by Rick Rouse and Craig Van Gelder   What Is God Up To?—The Issue of Discernment The world belongs to God. It is God’s creation. The church must seek to...

18th Oct
A Field Guide for the Missional Cong

We Don’t Have a City of Justice

“If we have one girl who’s being sold for sex in our city, we don’t have a city of justice.” — Founder and Executive Director, Cat French. Elijah Rising is...